Cloud and Hosting Solutions for Boston

Boston Massachusetts Colocation Services

We have established data center presence in Somerville, MA and Andover, MA for all your colocation needs whether it be 1U or up to 1 Cabinet. Our redundant infrastructure connected with multiple 10 Gigabit connections will assure your not just connected your connected to a FULL 1Gbps port

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Boston Dedicated Servers

Boston Dedicated Servers - Now offering unmetered 100M and 1G Connections

Dedicated Server rental from Axcelx allows you to give your online business the speed and power it deserves. Dedicated servers provide the freedom to choose your Operating System, and you retain complete administrative or root access.

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Virtual Private Servers - VPS Boston

Virtual Private Servers hosted out of Boston, Massachusetts

What is VPS Hosting?
VPS is a method of dividing a LARGE physical server into multiple servers with each having the appearance and capabilities of virtually running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, and can be independently rebooted and accessed using full root or administrative priviledges.

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Cloud Storage

Dedicated Cloud Rental from Axcelx allows you to focus on your business not your backups. One of the biggest challenges everyone faces today is secure data backup and recovery. Over our 20 years we have seen friends use other vendors or make in house solutions for their data backup and when it came time to recover their data they were introduced with recovery fees or were not able to recover. We decided that how many times you send files or receive files should be irrelevent just that its secure and fast and one flat monthly fee.

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Boston Massachusetts Colocation Services
Somerville Colocation (Boston)
Secure & Reliable

Whether you are colocating or renting from us we architect your equipment to be reliable and secure

Blazing Fast

We gurantee you will receive a full 1Gbps burst on Dedicated and Server packages on our multiple 10G backbone

Customer Support

We have a team of support individuals who go above and beyond their normal duties to assure you're happy