Dedicated Servers

Your Very Own Cloud Backup

When they say put your backup in the cloud we take it to the next level!

Cloud Backup

Dedicated Cloud Rental from Axcelx allows you to focus on your business not your backups. One of the biggest challenges everyone faces today is secure data backup and recovery. Over our 20 years we have seen friends use other vendors or make in house solutions for their data backup and when it came time to recover their data they were introduced with recovery fees or were not able to recover. We decided that how many times you send files or receive files should be irrelevent just that its secure and fast and one flat monthly fee.

Ask about our "FREE TRIAL".

Most of our customers have moved their on-premise file servers to off-premise. We call it a "Managed Cloud File Server".

Get Your Files On Your Own Time - Save and Sync

When it comes to backing up data or restoring your data - speed - matters. So lets imagine we dont limit your speed and we allow you to pull at your ISP limit. Thats clearly a match made in heaven on our cloud backup

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