Our Network

Axcelx is connected with multiple 10G providers to offer our customers the true experience of hosting in Boston, Massachusetts.

Axcelx Network

Not all bandwidth requirements are created equal. The Axcelx backbone is a fully redundant network providing our clients scalable solutions for their business systems in our datacenters and cloud infrastructure. With connectivity to local major carriers and strategic peering relationships we provide secure and reliable access to your most critical applications and infrastructure. Our engineers work with you to configure the optimal network connectivity to meet your Internet, dedicated servers colocation and data backup requirements.

Our network is Flexible staring at 10Mbps for a customer whos demand is not as robust and scalling to 10Gbps and 40Gbps for those who demand a little more power.

Axcelx operates under (AS33083)

Speed Tests - Please visit speedtest.net for our 10G speedtest server

Download or Wget from our 10G server: Download Now

Our Primary Network Providers
Towardex Carrier Serviers (AS27552) V4 and V6
The TOWARDEX Non-Stop Network. takes transit and settlement-based peering with many internet backbone providers. Unlike regional competitors, TOWARDEX is the only network which also maintains multiple settlement-free interconnection (SFI) agreements with several content and access networks, making it the most well connected Autonomous System (AS) in the New England region.
Hurricane Electric (AS6939) V4 and V6

Hurricane Electric's International Internet backbone is ranked among the top in the world. Connections ranging from multiple 10GigE (10,000 Mbps) to multiple 100GigE (100 Gbps) form rings connecting Hurricane core routers.

Internap (AS14742) V4 Transit

Internap is well known for their Performance IP Product and CDN products. A lot of companies in the metro-boston area use Internap as a strategy to leverage their performance IP. Depending on datacenter location we may use Internap as our primary carrier


Private Peering, Public Peering Relationships
We are known to peer with providers in the local market in which we tend to exchange a lot of traffic with, to eliminate the extra latency our clients would normally endure.