Our Network

Axcelx is connected with multiple 10G providers to offer our customers the true experience of hosting in Boston, Massachusetts.

Axcelx Network

Not all bandwidth requirements are created equal. The Axcelx backbone is a fully redundant network providing our clients scalable solutions for their business systems in our datacenters and cloud infrastructure. With connectivity to local major carriers and strategic peering relationships we provide secure and reliable access to your most critical applications and infrastructure. Our engineers work with you to configure the optimal network connectivity to meet your Internet, dedicated servers colocation and data backup requirements.

Axcelx operates under (AS33083)

Push those bits....

Wget from our 10G server: wget -O /dev/null http://speed0.xcelx.net/100M.test

Hosted Speed Test Server: HERE

Multiple Vendors is Key to Our Success
We belive that creating the right relationships now will protect our growth tommorrow.
Port Choice

1G/10G/40G It's your choice.

Our Routers and Cores

Today we currently utilize Juniper which offers 160G of Capacity (Plenty of room to grow) on our Routing Layer and Cisco Nexus on our Core and Access Layer. All our routers have multiple 10G uplinks and our Cores are connected via 10G + 40G ports. All all our Access switches are connected via 20G.

Private Peering, Public Peering Relationships
We are known to peer with providers in the local market in which we tend to exchange a lot of traffic with, to eliminate the extra latency our clients would normally endure.