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What Our Customers Say About Us

  • I wish I would have found you 5 years ago
  • Your rated #1 in our book and even above our Amex relationship
  • We were unable to scale as fast with our previous host. Your simply amazing!!!
  • You were with us every step of the way and your still with us when we need you
  • Thank you for making our business succesful and providing us with the results you promised

  • "My name is Steven and I am the Implementation and Integration Manager We make an Image Management System geared towards the Ophthalmology industry and our clients range from large Universities to small one doctor practices. The small practices don’t always have the infrastructure to host our software on a server on their network, so we offer a Cloud solution. When I first came aboard we were using Amazon and Go Daddy for our Cloud servers and I wasn’t happy with the servers or the price. Because the server specs were low, we were only able to put 2-3 clients on a server which meant we were buying new Cloud servers often. I worked in the IT sector before this and had heard about Axcelx so I shot james an e-mail to see what he had to offer. At this point we had also introduced a couple of Microsoft Azure Cloud servers into our mix which had become quite chaotic with too many different bills. After speaking with James we went ahead and migrated all four of our Cloud servers to Axcelx, added 3 more over time as well as their backup solution, and havent looked back. We are paying considerably less money than we were before, and the servers have considerably more horsepower and disk space. After the migration, we are able to put 8-10 clients on each server which is great. The server uptime has been impeccable, and the Customer Support is second to none. We have a web application for dozens of clients running on these servers and their uptime is critical to the workflow of the Clinics and patient care. If I ever have a question or an issue (so far only self inflicted) James or one of his colleagues responds almost immediately when I reach out. We are given access to our portal, a KVM over IP, the ability to bring our Firewalls onsite, and prompt support, all of which makes us feel comfortable knowing our Clients' Image Management System will be available when they need it. We are very happy with our relationship with Axcelx and hope it continues for years. "

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    Our team has been expanding, moving and building data centers since the 1990's, attaining profitability and serving many hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Our team has combined experience dating back to 1997. Today, we specialize in colocation, managed hosting solutions, and consulting in order to deliver the powerful Internet infrastructure and business-class services our customers expect..