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Virtual Private Servers

What is VPS Hosting?
VPS is a method of dividing a LARGE physical server into multiple servers with each having the appearance and capabilities of virtually running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, and can be independently rebooted and accessed using full root or administrative priviledges.

Why VPS Hosting in Massachusetts?
Need more than shared hosting has to offer or maybe want to move all your windows servers in your office to virtual servers in a secure data center with full redundancy? Or simply put, a dedicated server is out of your budget for your small DNS server? You will have the same performance as a stand-alone server. Not only will the VPS provide you with dedicated server level performance, but you will also have root access and guaranteed resources for broader projects. Virtualization is the future of hosting. It eliminates the restrictions of shared web hosting, and the expense and upkeep of dedicated servers. And, it's kinder to the environment by more efficiently utilizing resources.

Lower Resource Virtual Private Servers? We currently list all our VPS Pricing on our Boston VPS website located here:

ENTERPRISE AXCELX 10G Virtual Servers (Cloud)

QTY CPU Memory SSD HD RAID Bandwidth MRC * NRC Order
2 8 CPU CORES 16G 80GB 10 100Mbps / Guranteed 1Gbps Burstable Port $Contact $0 Contact
QTY CPU Memory SSD HD RAID Bandwidth MRC * NRC Order
20 16 CPU CORES 32G 120GB 10 200Mbps / Shared 10Gbps Burstable Port $Contact $0 Contact

* NRC Charges are Non-Refundable

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